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Uses Of Magnesia Carbon Bricks

Magnesia Carbon Bricks are refractory materials made by bonding of resin, raw materials of magnesium oxide all together with graphite. These bricks exhibit the desirable characteristics of having low slag erosion resistance, porosity, thermal shock resistance and higher high-temperature strength properties.https://refractoriesmaterials.com/magnesia-carbon-bricks/ are mainly used for Basic Oxygen Furnace, Slag Line of Ladle Furnace and Hot Spot of Electric-Arc Furnace, linings of converters, electric-arc furnace and direct current electric arc furnace, slag line of steel ladle and other position. Get more information from here: WWW.refractoriesmaterials.com

Cheap Magnesia Carbon Bricks
Cheap Magnesia Carbon Bricks

Their main components of them are magnesium oxide and carbon, magnesium oxide content is in the ranges of 60% to 90% and carbon content is 10% to 40%. This kind material is made of high purity magnesia particle, carbon material, tar, pitch or resin as the raw materials through high-temperature baking. Magnesia Carbon Bricks have properties of slag corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance, thermal conductivity and etc.

Magnesia carbon bricks are manufactured following the cold mixing techniques with compound tar binding agent to harden and get the necessary strength forming an isotropous vitric carbon. This carbon does exhibit thermoplasticity properties that can duly remove the amount of stress in the process of lined firing or operating.

Magnesia Carbon Bricks For Sale
Magnesia Carbon Bricks For Sale

Magnesia Carbon Bricks are made with pitch binding agents which present higher levels of high temperature plasticity because of forming anisotropic graphitization coke structure in the pitch carbonation process.

Description of Magnesia Carbon Bricks

Magnesia Carbon Bricks are manufactured with magnesium oxide containing alkaline oxide with high-melting-point (2800℃) and carbon material with high melting point that is difficult to be eroded by furnace slag as the raw materials, and non-oxide additives alongside a carbon binding agent. As a composite refractory, Magnesia Carbon Bricks utilize strong slag corrosion of magnesia and high thermal conductivity and low expansibility of carbon efficiently.

Magnesia Carbon Bricks Properties

1. High temperature resistance

2. Strong slag erosion resistance

3. Thermal shock resistance

4. Low high-temperature creep

5. Thermal conductivity

6. Good heat stability

RS Qualified Magnesia Carbon Bricks
RS Qualified Magnesia Carbon Bricks

Magnesia Carbon Brick are widely used in applications such as Electric Arc Furnace sidewalls, hotspots and cold spots, converters and furnace slag lines.

This is especially so owing to their excellent corrosion resistance together with good thermal shock properties. Additionally, they offer good oxidation resistance due to use of high purity flake graphite in their composition.

Magnesium Carbon Bricks show excellent resistance to peeling and corrosion resistance as seen above making them the most suitable candidates for ladle slag line parts.
Refractory material magnesia carbon is mainly used for steel-making oxidation converter furnace lining, tapping port, high-power electric furnace walls hot spot parts, as well as furnace refining furnace lining, slag line parts.

Magnesia Carbon Bricks RS Factory
Magnesia Carbon Bricks RS Factory

The overall performance of the Magnesium Carbon Brick and brick graphite content has a great relationship. With the increase of the graphite content, the strength of the magnesium carbon brick decreases, the coefficient of thermal expansion decreases and the residual expansion rate increases.

As a composite refractory, the magnesia carbon bricks have over time been effectively used harnessing their high thermal conductivity properties and low expansibility of carbon.

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